Ready to take the next step on your fitness journey?

    Private 1 on 1 Intro Classes $195

    This is a 3 session introduction to CrossFit. You will learn the 9 essential exercises of CrossFit, including the air squat, front squat, overhead squat, shoulder press, push press, push jerk, medicine ball clean, deadlift and sumo-deadlift high-pull. In addition, our Intro program will introduce our new members to technical lifts such as the clean & jerk and snatch.  We will also focus on kipping, kettlebells, skill progression and proper warm-up.

    It is our goal to give new members the opportunity to ramp-up their fitness conditioning so that they feel comfortable and confident when starting classes with our current members.  There will be a workout at the end of each class.


    When you purchase our  One on One Private Intro Training Sessions you will get unlimited classes with no additional cost for the first 30 days. 

    Come experience Three Kings Athletics today!

    Our free trial class allows you to try out the CrossFit methodology of training for free before purchasing the Intro program on Wednesday’s at 6:30 PM.