Intramural Open & Heat Sheet

Welcome to the Three Kings Athletics Intramural Open!  

In a previous email we encouraged all of you to sign up for the 2018 CrossFit Open.  This is a 5 week online competition where everyone will perform the same workout (in their division) along with hundreds of thousands in the world!  A fun way to test your fitness.  Set a goal.  Go crush it!  No matter if your goal is to complete all 5 workouts, get your first pull-up, finish in the top 50%, or finish in the top 20…This is a great opportunity for us to test our fitness and come together as a community.  Visit The CrossFit Games website for more details and to register.

In conjunction with the Open, Three Kings Athletics will be hosting our Intramural Open which allows members to have some friendly competition amongst each other.  You will be doing the same workouts as the CrossFit Open only entering them in our leader board as well.  Our sponsors will be providing prizes for grand champions in each age division.  In addition, we will be awarding a weekly SPIRIT OF THE OPEN award to one member each week that exemplify perseverance, determination, and resiliency.   

We have 3 age divisions which feature Rx and scaled options so that everyone can participate.  The 3 age divisions are: 18-39, 40-54, and 55+

Team combo options are as follows:

  • Male/Male Rx
  • Male/Male Scaled
  • Female/Female Rx
  • Female/Female Scaled
  • Male/Female Rx
  • Male/Female Scaled

Rx division means you will be doing the workouts as prescribed (Rx) throughout the CrossFit Open season.  Scaled division means you will be doing the workouts scaled as prescribed in that division throughout the Open.  So what is the difference between Rx and Scaled?  That depends on the workouts but in the past they’ve often scaled double-unders with single-unders, jumping chest to bar pull ups sub’ed for chest to bar, and potentially lighter weight loads.

For the competition you’ll have the following guidelines:   

  • You MUST be signed up for the CrossFit Open in order to compete in the Intramural Open
  • If you are in an Rx division and one of you performs the workout scaled, you can only count the Rx reps  
  • Likewise, if you are in the scaled division, both partners will need to perform the workout in the scaled version  
  • If you are in the 40-54, both partners must be in that age range 
  • If you’re in the 55+ division, both partners need to be 55 or over  

We’ll be checking birth certificates…kidding!  To really test your fitness, feel free to do all the workouts as many times as you’d like.  However, only the one which coincides with the division you signed up will be counted. ​​​​​​​

Step one:  Click HERE to register for the CrossFit Open

Step two:  Click HERE to register your team for the Three Kings Intramural Open

Step three:  CRUSH IT!

Be sure to use #3KOpen2018 in your social media posts so we can highlight you in ours.  We’re excited to continue helping you on your fitness journey.  Let’s go get one!!!
Still have questions?  Email or see any of the coaching staff at Three Kings!  



Please note you will be signing up for a heat within a class.  Meaning, you are required to be here at 10 am if you plan on participating in a heat at 10:15 or 10:40.  It takes a community to pull these logistics off so we’ll need you to then stay and judge the person who judged you at 10:15 during the 10:40 time slot.  Consider this when selecting your time slot.

Please review the workout movement standards prior to doing the workout.  These can be found at 

To sign up for a heat simply open the google doc below and place your name in any green open space.  Once your name is listed the space will turn red signifying you have reserved your spot.

2018 Heat Sheet