When did you start CF?
September of 2011
How long have you been coaching?
February of 2014
What do you like most about CF?
I love going through the pain of a CrossFit workout with other people who are feeling the same pain as me. And I love knowing I’m never too old and too much of a mom to lift weights! I also love that I can enjoy the same competitive spirit as I did when I was younger. You’re never too old for a little competition!
What sports did you play growing up?
Growing up I dabbled in lots of things including gymnastics, softball, and swimming and diving. But my main sports were basketball, track, and then my favorite and the one I spent hours and hours playing, was volleyball. I played volleyball all the way through college.
What are your hobbies?
My hobbies are limited since I spend a lot of time training, coaching, and being a mom! But when I do get some down time I like to read and go shopping.