matt-bioMatt Rattay began wrestling in middle school and continued through his senior year of high school for the Lawrence North Wildcats in Indianapolis, Indiana. During his time at LNHS, he was a two time IHSAA State placer (7th, 3rd) and wrestled on a 2nd place team in the Team State Series for IHSAA. After finishing his high school athletics, he went on to college and traditional style bodybuilding in the gym. After many years of hitting body part movements, which Matt found boring, he discovered CrossFit in winter of 2013. He stumbled across CrossFit while he was watching ESPN and saw the 2013 Cinco 1 and Cinco 2 workout of the 2013 CrossFit Games. He watched in awe as large, strong men were deadlifting 405lbs for reps, then hitting weighted pistols, and to cap it off finishing with a handstand walk. From that point on, he knew that CrossFit was something he was going to pursue and that he eventually wanted to get to the CrossFit Games.

Matt joined the closest CrossFit gym and began training on a regular basis. Matt is now training at Three Kings CrossFit and The Olympic Lift Lab in Indiana where he is pursuing his goals of getting to Carson, and pitting his fitness to test against the best of the best, and the fittest of the fit. He got close in 2015 as he qualified for the Central Super Regional and took 15th overall, setting an event record in the 250ft handstand walk.

Matt has also qualified for U.S. Nationals at his first Olympic Lifting Meet by Snatching 120kg/ 264 lbs and Clean and Jerking 160 kg/ 352 lbs in the 77 kg / 168 lbs Weight Class for a total of 280 kg/ 616 lbs! He went on to Nationals to take 4th in the 77kg weight class with a 122kg/268lbs snatch and a 165kg/363lbs clean and jerk for a 287kg/631lbs total!

When did you start CF?
November 2013
How long have you been coaching?
2 years
What do you like most about CrossFit?
I love the fact that you challenge yourself daily as you try to best your times from past classes, best your weights from past attempts, and you get pushed by the other people around you that want nothing but the best from you and they cheer you on throughout your workout. Its a team sport while still maintaining individual mindsets at the same time. You can challenge yourself as an individual at competitions, or you can team up with some of your favorite people and suffer together!
What sports did you play growing up?
Football and Wrestling. Wrestling was my main sport and it taught me a lot of life skills that I use now, like pushing through the pain cave.
What are your hobbies?
Does lifting count? Dancing is a favorite of mine. Anything that is active, golfing, batting cages, mini-golf, long walks on the beach.