Elyse is the Head Coach at Three Kings CrossFit
When did you start CF?
I started CrossFit in 2012
How long have you been coaching?
I have been coaching for 3 years
What do you like most about CF?
I love that there are always new skills to master, and the fact that CrossFit is constantly varied in nature. It keeps me on my toes and often humbles me. I also love that you can go anywhere in the world, and bond with others through the sport of fitness.
What sports did you play growing up?
I played various sports growing up, softball, basketball, ice skating, and soccer to name a few. I enjoyed playing soccer the most, so I decided to primarily focus on that sport which led me to play at a Division 1 College.
What are your hobbies?
My hobbies include hmmm… besides CrossFit… cooking, walking and playing with my dogs (and Olympic Lifting, hehe).