Chris Mason

When did you start CrossFit?
September 2008
How long have you been coaching?
I started coaching CrossFit Endurance classes in March of 2011 and regular classes in January of 2012
What do you like most about CF?
The people. It’s the whole reason I started coaching. There is something incredible about watching someone achieve things they never thought possible… it’s captivating. I wanted to be around it as much as possible and I wanted to help people get there. The best part about it is that you can have those moments at any level of fitness, so there’s always something to work toward… always something to achieve.
What sports did you play growing up?
Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Cross Country
What are your hobbies?
When I’m not coaching, working, or working out, I love spending time with my family, fishing, or taking a road trip to some place new.