3KCF 2K16 Intramural Open Update!

The Week 1 3KCF Intramural Winners are…

Male Division

The Ankle Spankers
  • Dustin Kile – 206
  • Mike Talbott- 227
  • Aaron Hancart- 247

Female Division

6am Squad
  • Alex Perry- 196
  • Ricki Warning- 158
  • Kim Mark- 195

Congratulations to all those that completed 16.1!

It was great to see the community come together to push each other sometimes past our limits. You won’t find a better atmosphere than Three Kings CrossFit during Open season. We have athletes competing in each category including RX, scaled, teen, team, adaptive, and Masters.

Most importantly everyone is testing their fitness and using this opportunity to prove to themselves that they have improved themselves. There were ups and downs, there were PR’s, there were even many who decided to do this workout twice (WHAT?!?) and in the end there were cheers, high fives, fist bumps, and all around solid effort had by all.

Great work Three Kings Community!

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