The 2016 CrossFit Open and the Three Kings Intramural Open!

The Open is upon us and we have decided to change up how we are going to run the open season at Three Kings CrossFit.

As you all know, Thursday evening is when the CrossFit Open wods will be announced and in the past we have made the open wod as our workout on Fridays. This will not be the case this year. We will have a separate workout that will be ran on Fridays from 6am – 2pm for those that are not registering for the open. Then starting at 4:30pm every Friday, we will begin to run heats for the Open wods. Beginning at noon every Friday, you will be able to sign up for a heat for Friday night. It will be a public google document that will be posted on our Community Facebook pages and website.

As a sidenote, if you are unable to make it on Friday night, you will be able to perform the open wod during the day on Friday, so long as you bring your own judge and are able to set up the workout without pulling a coach from the class for questions.

Our Three Kings Carmel location will actually be using the open wod as the Workout of the Day, so you can perform the open wod at any of the regularly scheduled classes on Friday at that location.

We are adding an exciting element to the open workouts this year by hosting an Intramural Open! It will be teams of 3…same sex, so 3 males or 3 females, and you get to decide whether you will be doing the open workouts as RX’d or scaled. As long as one score for your team is completed as RX’d each week, your team will remain in the RX division without penalty. If all three teammates scale any workout, than that team will drop to the bottom of the RX leaderboard, but will still remain eligible to win the RX division. You do not have to workout with your team, as you can come in and workout when it best fits your schedule. Also, you WILL NOT be allowed to judge your own teammates.


All members are able to participate with the exception of Coaches, Black and Red team members. The entire gym is Red so only those that are trying to qualify for a team are exempt. There is a strong possibility that a member not trying to qualify will score this year. Those members may still participate in the Intramural Open.


Each week all 3 athletes will complete the open workout. The score will be team total reps, time or load depending on the workout. The teams will then be ranked among the other teams for their team ranking. The teams (Male and Female) with the least total of accumulated points at the end of the 5 week open, will be deemed Three Kings Intramural Open Champions! Masters up to age 54 will be eligible to team with anyone in the 18-39 age category. Unfortunately, Masters 55+ will be unable to team up as there is typically different movements and rep standards.

It is completely up to you who will be on your team and you can choose members from either of our affiliates to compete alongside with you. In order to participate in the Intramural Open, you must sign up for the Open by next Wednesday and email the members of your team and your team name to Lindsay at

We will be giving out prizes each week for the top female team and the top male team, so you definitely don’t want to miss out!!

Good luck!